Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bio Gas

Bathrooms, showers, community space and sustainable energy

One of the more exciting and interesting things I saw was a biogas project that a community was building with the assistance of the Pamoja Trust. As part of the eventual upgrading process of a small informal settlement of 30 families, they decided to build a common facility that would house all the bathrooms and showering facilities, a community space, and a tank to collect the human waste, and then catch the methane. Eventually, the methane will be piped to the houses to be used for cooking and heating hot water. It is pretty sweet. And it is a visually significant object, and has generated much interest from the surrounding community. In many ways, it is the start of an incremental process of upgrading the entire community, starting with the bathrooms. It is common start, and ties all the interests of the community together.


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