Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WNC Additions: Mary

Mary is currently living by herself, as she and her husband are getting a divorce. Originally, in 1984, they had a three bedroom manufactured/mobile home, but got a larger one still with three bedrooms. During this time, they had two daughters. They added a pool/workout room that now serves as a play space for the grandchildren. Unfortunately, it does not have a heat source and stays closed off in the winter. During this time, they also put a new roof on because they old one leaked. They expanded their porch and began to re-side the entire house. As Mary said, “We wanted to make it into a house.” Two years ago, they remodeled the kitchen. There were plans to remodel the rest of it, but those are on hold because of the pending divorce.

They bought their home from a dealer who sold foreclosed houses. It is interesting to think about the notion of transportable homes during this foreclosure crisis. Part of the challenge with the current crisis is that many of the houses are in the suburbs where people are not as interested in living anymore. Entire neighborhoods are deteriorating because no one is living in them, and housing authorities are shifting poorer people to foreclosed homes, producing many challenges and questions. But, if such houses could be moved to different places with greater, and potentially places with greater density, what would the implications be?

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