Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Allegria: Aesthetics Controlled

The New Oasis

Architecture as Product

As with most things, aesthetics matter. And that is a very big selling point of the new towns and developments popping up in the desert. In fact, the differences between these places and the heart of Cairo couldn’t be more distinct. These developers have hired famous architects from around the world to create the image of the new lifestyle, far away from the chaos of downtown. In fact, the images that these architects produce will become reality without any deviation. The salesman giving us the pitch made it clear that there could be no exterior alterations to the houses once they were built. That is why prospective owners could choose between fifteen or so designs for each plot size. Yet, 15 kilometers away, the exterior alterations are one of the most visible components of Cairo’s urban crush, and the desire to escape it is all the more present in places like this

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