Friday, July 18, 2008


Taking quick break from architecture, I have had the unfortunate coincidence of being in Europe during EURO2008, only the third largest sporting even in the world. My last night in Instanbul, I watched on TV Turkey stage one of the greatest comebacks ever, scoring three goals in the last 15 minutes to beat the Czech Republic, then listened to chaos in the streets. While in Switzerland, (one of the host countries), I was actually able to get tickets (thanks Claire, Jessica, et al) to see France and Italy play (sorry France). And then in Zurich, I watched numerous others games out on the streets with tens of thousands of other people. I think the ending of the Croatia-Turkey match was one of the most incredible ever. With two minutes to go in extra time, Croatia scored, sending the mass of Croatian fans in hysteria. In fact, right next to us, someone lit a massive flare and as the police and firemen busted in to try and control it. Watching all this madness, I missed Turkey scoring one minute later on the absolute last play of the match, as I am sure the rest of the 10,000 Croatian fans did. Turkey won it in penalty kicks. The last match ended with Spain proving a glorious winner. The streets of Paris were overrun with fans celebrating in the fountains…

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