Friday, July 11, 2008


On the way to Grabunden

Nice Housing. Everywhere

Bike Shelter

Amazing mountains you can't get lost in

Attention to detail

Meticulous Piping and Insulation

Tram Signage: Saws. Crampons. Bananas. Guitars.

Wow, what a change from two weeks ago. The Swiss know how to do things right. The craft, level of detail, and attention to getting things right in the built environment is quite extraordinary. And, oh how I love the public transportation system. It is clear, easy, and gets me within two block of anywhere I need to go. No hassling with the rickshaw driver here. The quality of life here is amazing, I think the highest in the world (Zurich and Geneva). It is clean, there is cold, fresh, drinking water flowing out of the most beautiful fountains, you can swim in the lakes in the middle of the city, there are ping pong tables everywhere, and the mountains……wow. The train system is unreal, punctual, taking you to the most amazing places, and everyone takes advantage of the outdoors, especially the old folks. I was almost so amazed by all of it, I lost track of the limited diversity and deep controls on immigration and naturalization. It’s a pretty predictable and constant place, except for the signage, of course. Regardless, I did find some wonderful housing and a peaceful change from the chaos or earlier places.


Nicolette Mastrangelo said...

Luke Perry,
Where is your proposal???

lindsay baker said...

ping pong tables everywhere? sounds like heaven... :)