Friday, July 18, 2008

Zurich: Seidlung Brombeerweg (EM2N)

Construction allows for variety on each floor (much like commercial office buildings)

Variability of each floor and building unit

One of the strengths of this project is the public hardscape which fills in most of the negative space between the buildings, which house many units that look directly onto the plaza. While I was there, numerous kids were out riding their bikes and playing, while their mother or father occasionally would come to the window or balcony and look out. The interspersed gardens, lawns, and playgrounds offer much softer edges.

The variety of the massing and siting give effective views of movement, and the balconies and awnings give the project a strong flare with a sense of variety. The construction method (long timber planks connected to a concrete core) ensured a lot of flexibility within each floor. In fact, each floor of each building has a completely different layout or units. It was a test case to show how future changes can take place, but I don’t know if any have really materialized.

More Info: EM2N Architects

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